Trying to fall in love is like trying to make your heart beat backwards. It can’t be done. I am already what you are. And so we don’t fall in love; we simply notice that we are in love already, and always have been. We don’t fall in love; it is the ‘we’, the ‘me’ and the ‘you’, the ‘inbetween’, that falls away in love, revealing the intimacy of our own absence. We are all so deeply in love that we don’t realise it.

This is going to be a week for motion, it’s going to be a week for blue skies and sunshine and highways, it’s going to be a week for traveling with only the things that you need. You don’t have to carry every sorrow with you. You don’t have to keep every piece of doubt all locked up in your heart. It’s okay to leave these things behind, sometimes. It’s okay to forget, sometimes. It’s okay to watch the moon change shape and the clouds move across the sky. It’s okay just to keep living.